Reflective Journal – Week 16

I learned more about risk management this week. It was interesting to think about all the liability that hospitals and individual healthcare workers have. Mistakes can cost hospitals dearly. Mistakes can also cost nurses their licenses and money. I hope that this will never happen to me. It was a good week to learn about risk management. The discussion post was really interesting and somewhat personal for me because we do skin checks on our patients to ensure they do not have any contraband and to make sure their skin is okay. We document these findings. 

The team activity was great. The discussion post was great because it gave me insight into liability. I’m not entirely sure if it changed my opinion on the subject, because I feel like I knew a little bit about liability before this week too. However, it was a good experience to read some of what my teammates had to say about the situation as well. 

I will utilize this information in my nursing practice by trying to protect the hospital and myself from mistakes and fines. I will try to practice safe nursing care and be a caring nurse. I will try to keep my patients safe. Also, if I am ever a manager, I will educate my staff on ways to protect themselves, the hospital, and patients.

I really liked the material covered this week. It can be somewhat scary to know that we are one mistake away from getting sued (and the hospital we work at as well). However, if we are careful as nurses we can be safe. I liked this week and I liked this class. Thanks for a great semester Sean! Hope you have a great summer. 


Reflective Journal – Week 15

I actually learned a lot from this unit. It was fun to learn more about collective bargaining. I did not know a lot about collective bargaining before this unit. It was interesting to me to see what a work strike actually does for employees. Sometimes it can be a good thing, and sometimes it can be a really bad thing. I also thought it was interesting that if employees and their bosses are so far off on negotiations, it leads to a longer strike. This can be good if employees feel that they are very undervalued. However, a long work strike obviously means that no work is being done and employees are not getting paid as well. This unit opened up my eyes more to the reality of work strikes and collective bargaining.  

I really liked the team activity this week. It was fun to do the activity on collective bargaining and then discuss our results with the team. I really went crazy (for the lack of a better word) with my collective bargaining position. This lead to a very long work strike and it didn’t result in a very positive position for the employees. It was fun to see that my teammates were involved in smarter collective bargaining. This did change my opinion of the topic because it gave me greater insight into collective bargaining and the results bargaining has for employers and employees. It gave me the opinion that a shorter work strike is sometimes a good thing for the employees. 

I will utilize the information learned this week in my nursing practice in a variety of ways. I have seen how the information presented in this class can relate to my nursing practice from a more business-like setting. If I am ever a nursing manager or involved in leadership in any way, I may be involved in collective bargaining. I may either be the employee who is on strike or I may be the employer who is trying to maintain a budget but also trying to retain top talent on my staff. This information will be helpful as I progress in my nursing career. I will know how to better be involved in collective bargaining. 

I really enjoyed the material covered this week. It was interesting to me to see how practical it was. I have watched collective bargaining from afar (NBA lockout of 2011, for example). However, it was interesting to somewhat be a part of this through this week’s activity and group discussion. I liked to think about the implications that collective bargaining has for me as an employee and also for employers. It was a great lesson this week and I enjoyed the information presented. I like this side of business and nursing. 

Reflective Journal – Week 14

I actually learned a lot this unit. I learned more about conflict and conflict resolution. I learned that some conflict resolution techniques are effective and some are not. It was interesting watching the movie The Guardian. It was great to learn from. It makes me realize that conflict does happen at work and in all of our personal lives. I think that some conflict can be good, however. Sometimes it is necessary to provide optimal results for patients or to accomplish goals in our personal lives. However, there is appropriate conflict and conflict that is detrimental. 

I liked the team activities this week. I liked learning what my teammates had to say about conflict. I think it somewhat did change my opinion on this subject. I have learned more and more about conflict and I have decided that not all conflict is bad. Where I work, conflict is a part of the job. However, conflict can be healthy if it is handled well. The team activities this week were great and it seemed to help me learn more about this subject. It was a good discussion this week. 

I will utilize the material learned in my nursing career in a variety of ways. I will be better at conflict resolution. I will understand that conflict is part of our careers and part of all our daily lives. However, I also have better learned ways to deal with conflict. I will communicate more effectively. I will also try to understand where the people I am dealing with are coming from. As I try to understand my fellow nurses, I will be better able to understand why conflict is happening. Also, sometimes conflict happens with patients. I have continued to learn appropriate ways to manage conflict with patients. 

I really liked the material covered this week. I think that conflict is important to learn about for our personal lives and for work. Conflict will happen while we are nurses. We need to learn how to appropriately manage this conflict. I think that communication is very important in conflict resolution. If we can communicate appropriately, we can better resolve conflict. This was a good week to learn more about conflict and conflict resolution! 

Reflective Journal – Week 13

I actually learned a lot from this unit. Because I am a new nurse, I haven’t previously given much thought to strategic planning. However, this week opened my mind to strategic planning. It was fun thinking about where to put a healthcare building in a specific town. It was also very interesting to think about all the factors that need to be taken into account when it comes to planning healthcare facilities (for example, our group’s facility was in a college town. This helped us to determine which kind of facility we wanted to build). 

The team activities helped me to learn more this week. It helped me to gain more insight on strategic planning. I like doing team activities because it not only helps me to complete assignments, but it also helps me to learn more and appreciate other people’s opinions. It didn’t necessarily change my subject because I didn’t know a whole ton about this subject before this week’s lesson. I have previously given thought to why companies do certain actions, but this week was specifically about healthcare strategic plannings. 

I will utilize this information in my future nursing career. If I am ever involved in strategic planning for a hospital or healthcare agency, I will now know what information to consider when it comes to planning strategically. This information will help my nursing career in the future. 

I liked the material covered this week. It was fun to think about what leaders get to do and plan for. It was interesting to consider a town’s needs and what healthcare facility we should build or consider. I liked the material covered this week and I have really enjoyed this class so far. It is almost over :). 

Journal Child


This journal article is about the article titled, “Child abuse: recognizing the injuries”. 

I learned more about symptoms and signs of child abuse. These signs are alarming and saddening. I learned that there are many forms of child abuse. These forms can be physical or emotional. This will impact my nursing career because I have patients who have been abused as children. Hopefully I will be able to recognize signs of abuse in the future. 

This article was written in 2002, so it is not very current. However, child abuse is still a current topic so I feel that this article is pertinent. This article is relevant because as nurses we may see patients who have been abused. This article was only written by one author and it is unclear if he has authority on this topic. However, he does seem very knowledgeable and presents good information. The article details accurate information so this article is accurate. The purpose of this article is clear and explained well. 


Musculoskeletal Conditions

It was reinforced to me while reading this article how important it is to exercise. Exercise helps to prevent osteoporosis. This is especially true for women who are past menopause and have diabetes (Bello et. al, 2014). This is important because I will be able to educate my family and maybe even patients about this in the future. This will impact my practice by allowing me to educate on the benefits of exercise more appropriately. 

This article was written in 2014, so it is still current. It is also very relevant, as this is an issue for many women. It is unclear how much authority these authors have. However, there are 7 authors, so it is likely they have authority. The article is accurate and uses sources to back up their findings. The article has a clear purpose. It is clear that from using the CRAAP method, this article has validity. 


Bello, M., Sousa, M. C., Neto, G., Oliveira, L., Guerras, I., Mendes, R., & Sousa, N. (2014). The Effect of a Long-Term, Community-Based Exercise Program on Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women with Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Journal of Human Kinetics, 43(1). doi:10.2478/hukin-2014-0088

Reflective Journal – Week 12

I actually learned a lot from this unit. The topic of change is very interesting to me as I have many significant changes coming in my life soon. I really enjoyed the story we read. It was great. I realize that I need to embrace change more and be okay with it. I learned more about change and necessity of it. 

The team activities were great this week. It was fun and interesting to read my teammates answers regarding change. I found it interesting to learn that one of my teammates grew up in a household that had a lot of change so he embraces it more. It is really interesting to learn more about how our home life shapes us currently and in the future. I am grateful for my team and how they helped with our activities and our test this week. My team is great and we work together well. 

I will utilize the information I learned this week in my nursing career in a variety of ways. I will embrace change. I will realize that change happens so frequently in healthcare that I will need to accept it or I will be left behind. Also, my new job has already talked to me about the potential to be a charge nurse in the next few months. This would be a significant change. I would also have experiences on our unit that create change. I would need to adapt to these situations with a sense of calm but I would also need to accept the fact that change is happening. 

I really liked the material that was covered this week. It was great to learn more about change and think of its significance in my life and in my future. I am getting married soon, so change is coming! I liked the material covered in this week and realize that change is a significant part of my career and definitely my life. 

Budget Interview

Budgeting Interview Questions

I interviewed Kimberlee Adams who is a cotroller for Apollo Engineering Design Group. Her and her husband are the owners of the company. 

  1. When planning a budget, what percentage do you allocate for employees’ salaries? 25%
  2. How often do you review your company’s budget? Quarterly for the basic, big accounts.
  3. Do you receive bonuses or raises depending on meeting budget goals?  When we are working on a fixed budget, not a time and materials, we offer profit sharing if they can hit the budget goal and increase profit.
  4. What budget goals are you given to meet? Over what time period are these goals for?  Budgeting for taxes, which is over a quarterly time period.  
  5. How do you approach budget cuts related to staffing? Freeze raises until we can recoup.
  6. What kinds of rules or restrictions do you put on your employees to help them comply with staying within the budget?  We give them an hourly budget to complete a project.  If they need to work more hours on that project, those hours must be approved by their supervisor.
  7. What do you look at when you are over budget? Where do you go to first to cut back?  We have a lot of human resource perks for our employees, such as we take everyone out to eat once a week and we have very nice company parties and gift cards handed out a couple times a month.  We would start there. Thankfully, we haven’t had to do that up to this point.
  8. What is the hardest part about budgeting for your company?  We are in our infancy and only in our 3rd year of business and there is no consistency in our contracts, fixed or time and materials.  It causes a lot of problems trying to keep a constant budget that doesn’t need to be adjusted weekly or bi-weekly.  
  9. What would you say most companies struggle with when budgeting? Continuing to review and adjust their budget.
  10. How often do you adjust your budget?  It is reviewed bi-weekly, more times than not, it is adjusted.  
  11. What incentives do staff receive if budget is met? If none, what is used to motivate staff to hit budget?  We offer profit sharing on all fixed price contracts and if they can stay in the budget and hours they have been given, they get that profit sharing once the job is completed.  
  12. Is hitting budget an “all or nothing” or does the amount over or under affect the rating?  The amount over and under is important to us, but we don’t believe in an all or nothing budget but the percentage of how close you come on a budget is important and evaluated accordingly.  

My response was that I’m glad I interviewed this lady. It was a great learning opportunity. 

I learned a lot from this interview. I thought it was great to get perspective from a relatively new company. It was interesting to know more about budgeting. I like how it was alluded to that employees are rewarded for helping the company. I think their idea of freezing raises until the company meets budget is an effective way of budgeting. I learned a lot from this interviewee’s responses and I’m glad I asked her! 

Reflective Journal – Week 10 Leadership Class

I actually learned a lot from this unit. I learned more about scheduling and staffing. This was really interesting to me. I guess I didn’t realize how complicated staffing and scheduling can be. I haven’t thought much about how hard it must be for my scheduler to organize our unit’s schedule. I learned that it is an important part of working. I also thought about the many issues and challenges that people who put together schedules must face. They face complications such as vacations, deaths, marriages, etc. that they must adjust to. Wow! I also learned that nurses like to have say in their schedules. 

I liked the team activities. I liked reading about what my teammates goals are for their careers. I also liked to hear how they staff their units/workplaces. It was good for me to learn from! I also felt like the staffing assignment was interesting. It kind of changed my opinion on scheduling because it opened my mind to more ways of scheduling. 

I will utilize this information by continuing in my nursing career. If I am ever assigned to staff or schedule I will be better prepared. I will realize that nurses like to have some say in their schedules.  I will also understand how difficult it must be for my scheduler. 

I liked the material covered in this unit! I really like information like this because it is so pertinent. This is an important subject and one that needs to be addressed. I liked this material! It made me think a lot more about scheduling and staffing than I have in the past. It made me realize that there is way more to scheduling than just a simple schedule being posted. It was a good unit and a good week! 

Abdominal Conditions

I learned more about colorectal cancer screenings. I learned about methods of promoting these screenings (television ads, using celebrities, etc.). I also learned a little bit about the money involved in promoting these screenings. It was interesting to me that the article predicts that if money is spent on advertising and other items like this, then the chances of someone getting screened goes up (Ekwueme, Howard,  Gelb, Rim,  & Cooper, 2014). For that reason, I think money going towards this is a good thing. I don’t necessarily see this impacting my practice a lot. I work with psychiatric patients, and they are usually (should be) medically stable. However, I do see this impacting nursing. When money is spent on promoting health, I am assuming that in many instances health increases. Also, this may impact my patients because they may be more likely to get tested for colorectal issues. 

Using the CRAAP evaluation, this article is definitely credible. The article was published in 2014 which is current. The article is relevant to our study of the abdomen this week. The article seems to have good authority and the authors seem to know what they’re talking about. The article seems accurate. The article also has a purpose. I believe this article to be credible. 


     Ekwueme, D., Howard, D., Gelb, C., Rim, S., & Cooper, C. (2014). An Exploratory Analysis Of The Benefits And Costs Of A National Campaign To Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening – Cdcs Screen For Life: National Colorectal Cancer Action Campaign. Value in Health, 16(3). doi:10.1016/j.jval.2013.03.695